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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 We are supposed to stay home, stay safe.  From the television, radio to the monitor, we hear, see, learn so much.  Apparently, the pandemic is still on.  And am kind of feeling retarded, or my pace is kind of being controlled.  I am using the On-Screen Keyboard now instead of the usual.  So I have to use the mouse to type each letter.  It consumes so much time.  This post, lack of content. Making it now an undesirable chore to do.  To write my thoughts away.  And since this is going slow, I sometimes lose those words of WITDOM that flung in and out this monstrous head.  It loses its way and never got written.  Treasure troves of delights, those gems of thoughts of words, the skies only you alone can see, you wish to share along the ride. Anxieties...

Thursday, October 8, 2020


It gets scattered sometimes.  It feels scattered, your mind.  Not your brains but your mind.  Your mind put into several places and divided as if in partitions, like rooms inside your head.  Like several subjects put into binds of a book.  And you have to find a way to put it together again.  To keep your posture, your stance, your stand, your composure.
Like the mess on your bed every morning. Blankets, pillows in disarray. half-forgotten passwords, usernames and log in information.  Addresses, edits, quips, quotes and something to read and rescan through to keep your balance.  And yes like folders on your desktop computer.  It piles up.   Visions of words, letterbombs, and blog entries...stories and ideas you have to find proof of existence.  Questions that asks "I can't be alone on this, someone else must have thought about the same thing, is someone else out there?"  So you look for it on web browsers.  Look for answers for things and questions which isn't asked around. And there it was.

There, we  would find the same experiences like with kindreds.  But  now you begin to worry about distances.  We were put into places to keep our distances, socially.  For the real purpose you'll have to find yourself.  To find the answers within and for which the mainstream media seem to keep barging and confusing your head about with.  Distance, distance...keep your distance.  You're getting too close.  Now we're worried about being so close together.  Close knitted, tight-fit...we might need to loosen up.  

Secrets begin to unfold.  Some of which were not accepted. Not without valid reasons.  Out of hatred, out of love, out of need, out of want, the need for pleasure, pain, speed, and purpose.  Adventures, explorations, research into the very fabric of human existence.  And the place we live in, this town, this city, this country, this continent, this planet. And you find your self watching the earth, in front of you...there you found the itch to get lost in.  To arrive at your usual self without going anywhere.  

Sunday, August 30, 2020


 It's called a CLOUD now.  When you upload something from your computer when you go online.  It's now called a CLOUD.  It's now one of the terms we use in this STORE AGE. There was the ICE AGE, the STONE AGE.  Now it seems we're living in the STORE AGE.  Pardon the pun. Haha.  

Well, it's too much downloading, we needed more uploads.  It seems to dry us up.  And then the clouds shall appear again and shall reign us with rain.  The promise of rain. This cycle happens to be one of the first topics or lessons I've learned from Science.  Evaporation, Condensation.  Solid, Liquid, Gas.  Vapors, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon Dioxides.  Remember how we had to memorize the Chemical Symbols? And if you had to, you could memorize the Table of Elements.  I once read that Bill Gates now has one of every element in his own Periodic Table.

God knows how we humans have made use of this blessing called the elements.  How many discoveries, innovations have grown out of this knowledge.  How many prototypes, gadgets, technology.  And still, we had to patent.  Haha.  

The need to patent, to copyright.  This need only really arises when there's a need to trade.  No one can patent a fruit or a vegetable, can you?  How about the ricefields, how do you claim copyright of a tree that has grown quite upright and sturdy?  Would you ask a tree, are you real?  Are you authentic?  Are you original?  Do you need protection?  Do you need to be patented, or copyrighted? Hey, tree, speak up.  Haha

Saturday, August 22, 2020


 Roofs are mostly off set.  Not barn-like.  Not European, not Mediterranean, or anything else after all. The roofs for houses in the tropics.  No winter, just too much rain, too much sunlight, no snowfall.   Houses need more exterior shading before going in.  It's more like keeping residents within their vicinity, within their premises.  Keeping them in bounds, not out of bounds.  Somewhat to keep them safe, protected.

We can observe how dwellings are made down where we reside more than anywhere else.  Unless your minds are driven by research or school or some kind of entity to study something that's built somewhere else.  Shouldn't our minds just stay where our feet stood on?  Why do we have to keep studying other architectural designs that are made to be built on different weather and conditions?  Shouldn't we just build our houses in tune with our own environments rather than build it like it belongs somewhere else?  Hahahaha.  

But we are really not that surprised.  It's not surprising that we have this system called HVAC.  We don't even have deserts here and again we don't have winter.  We really do not need to have Heating Systems.  We can just go out of our dwellings and breathe in and out, catch our breaths outside for the breeze, the winds.  We really do not need Air Conditioning. You know.  unless......unless, unless..hehe

Roofs, composed of..well, usually down here is composed of several parts. It's the top covering of your houses.  Eaves, it has gutters where rainwater is caught to find its way to the spouts, the pipes on to the tanks to wherever canals, to the sewers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


 Yeah, she's different, he's different.  What's different about him, what is different about her?  Not sure.  But hey, look at him, look at her.  They are not of the same age, not the same built, not the same size, not the same face.  Different.  Damn yeah, look at them.  They are different. 

Well, I guess so.  What makes me different from you?  Every person is unique.  What's the big fuss? 

Sunday, August 16, 2020


 Scams. It won't be a scam unless it sells , does it? Unless it puts food on the table, unless it's marketable.  What happened to decency, ethics and morality?   Have we gone that hungry, we forget? Or has all these been an acceptable, tolerable practice?  It's just art, it's just a game.  What are you complaining about?

And so we begin to isolate ourselves so we can deduce about what really mattered, right?  It's health, it's our families that really matter.  And the next thing we'll hear about...

Friday, August 14, 2020


 Lucky are those who have marketable obsessions.  These days we are now or seem to now insist to keep and stay home.   And no matter how hard we try to not get anxious about something, we still seem to get weary.  We hear it and we read it.  We've read about it and yes, we have learned about it.  And we're apparently still on this pandemic.  Which seems fake, which seems an acceptable deception or a blessing in disguise.  I don't know.  

People accept the predicament.   And we'll never know which news we need to keep catching up for or if we really needed to. Medical practitioners, more upbeat than ever, seem to get all the credit.  And it's for a healthy life anyway/  Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.  Frontliners.  

And the government seem always up to the task.  They never seem to tire.  They never seem to get lazy.  All their faces, their continuous plight for more healthy ways.  Facemasks and everything.  They seem to want to make nurses of us all.  They seem to want to dominate and feed us their ways of living  Leaving and rendering some of us dumb.  Almost childlike, zombie-like figures, useless and dumb.  Some got lost, got lost along the way, helpless, asking for food, their ways of living interrupted.

And some folks are happy.  Well, we need to save ourselves.  It's a virus.  Like an economic virus or something.  People die here and there, and they seem to not want to lose count. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


In Economics, it's the opposite of scarcity. when you have more than you need, you will have or need to share. You don;t want to end up with OVERSTOCK. And if you need something back in return for it, you will have to sell. Selling out only meant that you really didn't want to share because you needed something back, in return for it. It's like "what's in it for me?".

Sunday, July 12, 2020


We've seen too many cars, automobiles, mechanical prototypes and everything.  But much too often than not, some people are not too keen on the engines.  Since we put too much attention with its outer covering, design, the look, the color, the shape, the texture and feel.  We sometimes forget or failed to check or put more attention on the engines.  It's like a book judging it by its cover.

Friday, June 12, 2020


What kept us going for folks like us before was the thought that there were buses roaming around to
and fro our villages to take us to the city and back.  The transport service business ran for a number of years during my childhood, adolescence, teenage, college up almost to my adult years.  I don't know what happened to the buses, the drivers and the conductors. They must have gone too far and reached the space. Haha.  

I can still remember the first few days we  rode with the busses to and from school.  There was one that was called the SPACESTAR.  It was airconditioned and the seats were cozy.  We get to see and  meet
almost everyone from town.  And some of the drivers were unusually friendly as well. Among the 
famous drivers were "Nong Bert", "Nong Dodong", and "Saddam".  Haha

In our teenage years, we also found our ways reaching out for a cassette tape to send to the driver, to have it played while riding on the bus.  And everyone inside will hear your playlist as we ride along.  On to the college  years we always find our way for home knowing that  a friendly bus would take us home everyday.

And we get to see everyone who lives in our town through the buses. And of course, when some of our neighbors got  to ride in their on private cars, we opted for the bus.

Now the buses are gone. It seemed that the buses took our souls along.  Now, the trips have long gone, empty, like a railway train derailed and left hanging beside the driveways. No more bus stations, no more bus dreams.  Now that there's lots of jeepneys, pedicabs, taxis, and motorcycles, and privileged private,  restored, new, company and government owned royalty cars I still preferred the comfort of riding the humble bus.\

Are we now making way for the choo choo train?  Hehe